About Steve Adams

Steve started his first business when he was 15. When he was 19, he was managing almost 50 people. By 21 he was running his first full blown company. Then at age 28 he had a life changing experience. Through a series of events God was asking him to take his strategic thinking and leadership gifts and devote them to full time kingdom building. He responded and saw the organizations he served flourish and expand.

And now, 25 years later, Steve is having a convergence experience. Instead of “coasting in” he is putting his energy and experience into what he hopes will be his greatest kingdom contribution yet. Most recently steve was lead pastor of one of the largest multisite churches in his denomination, leading it through revitilization and major growth.

He is taking this knowledge base as well as his  experience of serving dozens of churches, working globally in 25 countries and is using use all of this to serve other leaders and churches.

Much of his time is centered around Pastoral and Ministry Staff placements. Steve is convinced that the best person to help find the right pastor is a pastor.  Why pay someone to help you who knows nothing more about the role than you do?

To discuss your staffing needs coaching needs reach out to Steve at steve@adamsandco.org or call him at 519-635-6777.  And as usual the coffee is on him.